About Plus 5 Fitness

Elementary teachers & professional educators

About P5FWhat's your motivation for getting your students to move more? Perhaps alarming nationwide trends in childhood obesity are hitting home in your student population. Or you've seen the studies linking physical fitness to academic achievement. Maybe you'd just like to see your kids excited about exercise for a change!

What would the ideal solution to these challenges look like? You'd probably want

  • A program that can be used on a daily basis, to give students consistency in their activity level.
  • Exercise right in the classroom, eliminating the need for additional space. The classroom venue could open up exercise to a wider student population.
  • Shorter, more frequent exercise sessions, so you could integrate your fitness plan seamlessly into the school day (and into your students' short attention spans.)
  • Simple, easy-to-learn routines with step-by-step instructions developed by experienced phys-ed professionals knowledgeable and passionate about student fitness.
  • Progressively challenging routines to keep students engaged.
  • Guidance from an experienced instructor fluent with exercise leadership and facilitation.
  • High energy soundtracks in the hottest styles of today's pop music to energize and inspire students.
  • Progressively increasing music tempos for further exercise benefit.
  • Cost-effective, budget-friendly program.

That ideal solution is here today, right now.

"It is so easy to incorporate and the kids love it just as much as the classroom teachers."

— Lori Bifarella, Prospect Elementary School

Welcome to Plus 5 Fitness.

The flagship product of TMan Fit-n-Learn LLC, Plus 5 Fitness is a simple, easy-to-use classroom exercise system. The program was developed for elementary students by professionals with over 10 years experience. Its simplicity & ease of use come from innovative multimedia content that allows both students and teachers to quickly gain proficiency in the exercises. Progressive lessons along with energetic, motivational soundtracks keep students engaged and challenged.

"...makes a positive difference in their ability to attend and engage..."

— Danielle Dehm, Victor Primary School

And Plus 5 Fitness is in action today at schools and organizations just like yours.

Order the Plus 5 Fitness program and put it to work in your school.