Frequently Asked Questions

Why do children need exercise?

The CDC, Shape of The Natiion, and Let's Move reports all point to a lack of activity as a major variable in the rise of childhood obesity. Obesity is no longer a United States problem as rates are up worldwide. When Plus 5 Fitness is used as part of a comprehensive activity plan we are teaching students the benefits of daily exercise. This approach helps to eliminate boredom and helps to keep students engaged.

Why do we need classroom exercise?

The most recent information on the benefits of exercise and children's learning, link cognitive development to exercise. A University of Illinois study (Science Daily, April 2009) states that "Physical activity may increase students' cognitive control or ability to pay attention." The Journal of School Health states "Exercising in short bursts within class time is meant to benefit memory, attentiveness, increase verbal and mathematics skills and reading readiness." Physical educators can and should be on the forefront of the movement to bring exercise into the classroom. What better way to show children the importance of healthy habits than by having the example of the classroom teacher modeling exercise in front of them.

Will Plus 5 Fitness help to meet standards?

The recommendation is for children to get a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per day. Daily exercise with Plus 5 Fitness helps students to reach this goal. It also helps for students to reach the (NASPE) goal of "developing physically literate individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity"

What Does Plus 5 Fitness Cost?

Plus 5 Fitness has been affordably priced for schools, teachers, and homeschool parents to purchase and implement quickly. Our new format packages Part 1 (routines 1-10) contains a DVD of animated moves and a CD with audio only priced at $39.99. The Part 2 package (routines 11-20) and Themes ( 6 cardio routines, 3 yoga routines, and 1 create your own routine) are both comparatively priced at $39.99 each. Plus 5 Fitness will soon be even more accessible as we are in the final stages developing an iOS app. Look for it soon!