Plus 5 Fitness Now Available as iOS App

The Plus 5 Fitness classroom exercise program announces that the Part 1 (first semester) and Part 2 (second semester) signature routines have been animated and are available at the Apple App store. The new app and cost structure makes it available to classroom teachers and children who are home schooled to stream over smart boards, projectors, and TV's.  Soon to be announced is the availability of the Plus 5 Fitness/Themes in an animated format.


Tom Mandara

Creator of Plus 5 Fitness/Owner of TMan Fit N Learn LLC


Plus 5 Fitness Announces New Format

Plus 5 Fitness a classroom exercise program announces that all the signature routines have been animated and are available in a new and easier to use DVD format. The new animation and cost structure makes it available to classroom teachers and children who are home schooled.  Stay tuned because there will be more exciting changes coming soon.


Tom Mandara

Creator of Plus 5 Fitness/Owner of TMan Fit N Learn LLC


Plus 5 Fitness Now Used in Hancock County Schools (Ohio)

TMan Fit-N-Learn LLC announces that Plus 5 Fitness has been chosen to be used as a daily exercise program in all of the Hancock County (Findlay, Ohio) elementary schools for the 2014-2015 school year.



Gananda Central School

"We started our 'Plus 5 Fitness' in our elementary k-5 last week and the kids and staff are loving it."

David Seither
Gananda Central School
Gananda, NY

Plus 5 Fitness Featured On TWC/Fit Kids February

Plus 5 Fitness was recently featured on the Fit Kids February segment for Time Warner Cable. The sustainable program is in it's seventh year of use at Victor Primary School in Victor NY. Check out the video at

Time Warner Cable News

Plus 5 Fitness and TMan Fit-n-Learn LLC in today's local Rochester paper

The Rochester newspaper Democrat & Chronicle printed an article in today's Sunday edition about TMan Fit-n-Learn LLC and the Plus 5 Fitness program. D&C writer Jim Mandelaro contributed the article in the Ontario County Life section. The text of the article follows:

Tom Mandara has always been interested in fitness for his five children. Now, the Canandaigua resident is trying to strive for five with kids everywhere.

Mandara, a physical education teacher at Victor Primary School, created the Plus 5 Fitness program three years ago. The program requires grade-school children, mainly those ages 6 to 8, to perform five minutes of aerobic exercise in the classroom following morning announcements. The exercises, as simple as karate moves or punching the air while stepping in place, are set to music.

"Five minutes may not seem like a lot, but 25 minutes a week might be the only exercise a child gets," says Mandara, a Gates Chili graduate who has been a physical education teacher at all levels for the past 30 years.

Mandara decided back in 2007 that he wanted to give young students more exercise, so he came up with a basic program and prepared some makeshift CDs.

"We did it after morning announcements, and it was very popular," he said. "The kids loved it, the parents loved it, and our administration was very supportive."

So now, children do jumping jacks. And The Twist. And the Monkey.

"Dance steps, aerobic moves, old calisthenics ... a combination of a lot of things," Mandara says.

Mandara is a former Victor varsity wrestling and boys soccer coach who currently coaches modified wrestling for Victor.

His son, Dan, was a state wrestling champion for Canandaigua in 2007.

Like any good coach, Mandara knew he needed a good support team. So he received help from a pair of third-grade teachers, Maryann Alaimo-Allen and Ted Isham, who put together the aerobics program and music. Mandara's brother, Ed, an elementary art teacher in East Rochester, created the illustrations for the instructional booklets. And Mandara began selling his program.

So far, 14 schools have bought it, including Victor, Gananda, Red Jacket, Attica and Canandaigua. Mandara says the Rochester School District plans to start a pilot program for a few schools this fall.

The only out-of-state school to use the Plus 5 Fitness program is Rosa Parks Elementary School in Virginia.

All 20 program routines, featuring four CDs, are available to schools online at The price is $400.

Mandara, 55, says a higher power endorses his belief that exercise is vital to young children.

"Michelle Obama has called for better food for kids and better nutrition," he says of the first lady. "And she also has called for more exercise. What better way to get kids to exercise than in the classroom?"

Mandara says studies support his views.

"Children who exercise are able to learn better, especially in short bursts like this," he said. "This is a great program, and it gets kids moving.

Victor Primary School

Principal Danielle Dehm is enthusiastic about Plus 5 Fitness. She's seen first hand the benefits of the program. She says that the program is "a great way for children to energize their minds and bodies as they prepare for their school day..." She finds the music "captivating" and says that having students start their day with P5F "makes a positive difference in their ability to attend and engage."


Danielle  Dehm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Principal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Victor Primary School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Victor,NY