School districts around the country are finding out how the Plus 5 Fitness program can be a valuable resource in bringing a positive physical education experience to their students.

Alexander Central Schools

Alexander Central Schools

"We have incorporated the Plus 5 fitness routines into our classrooms and it has been an absolute hit!! The kids are moving more and wanting to learn the new routines every class!! This has been one of the best additions to our school in a long time. Thank you."

Dave Radley
Alexander Central Schools, NY

Gananda Central School

Gananda Central School

"We started 'Plus 5 Fitness' in our elementary k-5 last week and the kids and staff are loving it."

David Seither
Gananda Central School
Gananda, NY

Prospect Elementary School

Hancock County Schools (Ohio)

"Our students and staff are loving Plus 5 Fitness !!! Great job on the music and moves. You've got a winner!

Jana Amstutz
Hancock County Schools
Findlay, Ohio

Victor Primary School

Victor Primary School

Principal Danielle Dehm is enthusiastic about Plus 5 Fitness; she's seen firsthand the benefits of the program. She says that the program is "a great way for children to energize their minds and bodies as they prepare for their day at school…" She finds the music "captivating", and says that having students start their day with P5F "makes a positive difference in their ability to attend and engage".

Danielle Dehm
Victor Primary School
Victor, NY

Red Jacket school district

Frontier Central Schools

"Tom, we took the Plus 5 Fitness audio CD and filmed our physical education staff doing the routines. At the first faculty meeting we presented the video's and examples of some of the movements. Within two days I received emails and phone calls from teachers saying the kids loved it."

Richard Gray
Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics
Frontier Central Schools, NY